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ASSIGNMENT 2: Presentation and Peer Review
Due date: Monday 21 September 2020, 10pm
Weighting: 30%
Length and/or format: Approximately 1500 words +/- 10%
Purpose: To provide an avenue for engagement and learning among peer
students on the topic of this unit.
Details of the assignment:
There is a requirement to participate in the online Discussion Forum on the Learning Environment Online (LEO). The discussion will be open from Friday 28 August 2020, 9am and closes Sunday 13 September 2020, 10pm, inclusive. Over this period, you are required to contribute at least 1500 words in total which will be submitted to Turnitin on the due date. There is no penalty for contributing further, however please only submit 1500 words from your posting/s. This can be a combination of more than one of your postings, supported by literature. Marks will be awarded for full engagement in the discussion as well as for your submission.
The discussion forum is for you to discuss the concepts introduced in the unit with your peers and the Lecturer-in-Charge (LIC). This needs to be a scholarly discussion with relevant reference to the academic literature but can include a few more informal postings. The idea is to use the discussion forum for a scholarly yet slightly informal exchange.
The topic for the discussion forum is:
Postings (at least two)
• Describe at least two challenges relevant to workforce management within a healthcare environment;
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• Explain why managing workforce is a critical issue in leading change;
• Identify and justify a workforce management strategy that you would apply in a healthcare facility to meet one of the challenges that you have described;
Responses (at least two)
• Comment on and critique other students’ ideas about workforce management in healthcare.
Postings and responses
• Support your comments with reference to the literature.
• One document comprising your two best postings, in academic essay format with an introduction and conclusion, supported by at least six (6) peer-reviewed journal articles or text to support your postings.

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