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COMM111 Introductory Statistics Semester 2 2020
Assignment 2 – Worth a maximum of 5%
Probability and statistical independence
Due Date: Sunday, 16 August 2020
The objective of this assignment is to use concepts from probability to look for factors that are related to the well-being of people who live in New Zealand. Statistics New Zealand, on behalf of the New Zealand Government, collects statistics on the self-rated well-being of New Zealanders. The most recent well-being statistics collected by Statistics New Zealand are available on the course website in the folder of resources for Assignment 2.
Please use the Well-Being dataset to perform the following tasks:
1. Variable selection
a. Choose two variables from the dataset that you expect to be related to self-rated well-being.
b. Choose two measures of well-being for each of the variables you have identified above.
2. Use appropriate graphs and probability measures to explore the extent to which your chosen variables are related to well-being (one graph for each relationship). Interpret your results in no more than 500 words.
3. Evaluate your results with respect to what you expected to find, based on either your experience or some additional reading. Please limit your evaluation to no more than 500 words.
4. When your assignment is finished, please submit it into the dropbox on the course website by the date specified above.

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