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Assignment 3
Time Management and Stress Reduction
1. Describe a conflict (disagreement) situation that you have been involved in. It could be a situation where you disagree about an idea, a way of doing things or a disagreement based on personal values.
-What strategy was used to resolve the conflict (disagreement)? Use one of the five conflict handling strategies discussed in the mini lessons to explain how it was resolved.
-Was this issue a person based issues or problem based issue?

-Develop and explain one another alternative way, based on the five conflict handling strategies, of dealing with this particular conflict. Explain how you would go about managing this conflict using this alternative strategy.
2. Describe an interview situation that you have been in, either as an interviewer or a person being interviewed. This situation could be an informational interview or a job interview.
-Using two elements from class, describe how that interview could be improved. Explain in sufficient depth that the improvements are clear
The anticipated total length of this assignment is two pages approximately, 12 font, double spaced plus a title page.

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