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Assessment event details
Due date End of Week 3 (26 July @ 11.55pm)
Weighting 25%
Type Assignment
Length 7-10 mins + Timeline
Submission Online (via Blackboard)
Requirements For this self-reflective assessment, students are asked to prepare a video and timeline of their leadership life story. Students are encouraged to reflect on their own life experiences and assess how these experiences shaped who they are today as responsible leaders.
For this individual assessment, you are required to:
1. First, construct a timeline that covers significant real life leadership experiences; it should consist of the people, events, and experiences that have helped to shape your learning of leadership purposes and approaches to date. Start this by jotting down the people, events, and experiences that have stood out for you in your life, with approximate dates. These can relate to your personal life as well as work-based experiences. Think of people, events and experiences that you think may have had a negative impact on you as well as those that you think had a positive impact.
To help you identify important events or experiences, ask yourself (NOTE: DO NOT write answers for these questions. They are just help you construct your timeline):
a. Were there any particular experiences in my youth or young professional life that may have shaped my perspective, identity, values, purpose, or sense of leadership? If so, include one or more in the timeline.
b. Have I experienced any crises or ‘crucible moments’ in my life, professionally or personally, where I was in a difficult situation that might have changed me in an important or useful way? If so, include one or more in the timeline.
c. What has been the most proud leadership moment in my professional life so far? Include this one key moment in the timeline, as we will work on this further in class.
To help you identify important people or characters ask yourself:
a. What people have I known personally that have had an impact on my views on life and leadership, either positively or negatively? Include some in the timeline.
b. What people have I learned about but not known that have had an impact on my views on life and leadership, either positively or negatively? Include some in the timeline.
c. Why are these people of particular importance, in terms of their qualities, skills, attributes and/or values that they demonstrated in the situation I recall (think about both positive and negative impact)?
d. If applicable, in what way did these individuals express leadership as purpose in their work?
Take each item from the list and start to think about it in more depth, by ensuring you reflect on these questions for each: What was it that held significance for you and in what way was it significant? What was your reaction to the person, event, or experience? You will then be in a position to construct your time line by having a milestone for each date – put the milestones in order starting with the earliest first and ending with the most recent.
NOTE: The lecturer will post an example of a timeline in the assessment 1 folder on blackboard. Make sure you look at this before you complete your timeline.
After you have constructed your timeline, think about how you will develop your video presentation. There are a number of ways this could be done. You can use the camera software on your phone or laptop. Alternatively, you can use Panopto in Blackboard. You can video yourself or get someone to video you. Feel free to include graphics if you want. Remember, you only have 7-10mins of video time so it is important to maximise this and plan what you will say (i.e. have a script) before you begin. When you are ready:

2. Start your video by providing a definition of responsible leadership that is personal to you, with some general principles that might guide your responsible leadership style (1-2 mins)
3. As the next part of your video, discuss the following in relationship to your timeline (5-7 mins):
a. Describe a major milestone in your timeline that changed the way you think, feel, and engage with the world. Consider the implications of this event for how you learnt to lead.
b. Discuss how a failure or disappointment you experienced in your life affected you. Describe how it constrained you and/or how you were able to reframe it as a learning experience.
c. Discuss one thing you would have changed or done differently in your life so far. Note a recurring regret if you have one.
d. Reflecting on your life, describe one person who has had the greatest impact on you as a responsible leader.
e. As a responsible leader, explain one thing that motivates you at the deepest level.
4. Finish your video by considering the following and making some brief comments (2 mins):
a. How might I use my reflections to help me to move forward as a responsible leader?
b. Where do I look to for an example of best practice of responsible leadership today?
c. What might be the limitations of this exercise for learning about responsible leadership?
After completing this, upload your video and your timeline to Blackboard in the Assessments folder by the end of Week 3 (26 July @11.55pm). Please set aside approximately 15 hours of thinking/planning time for this work – if possible complete the task in a quiet environment where you will not be disturbed or distracted.
NOTE: This is a personal video. There are no right or wrong answers. The lecturer is interested in your informed, critical and well thought-out reflections and your well-constructed timeline. Use the marking criteria when working on your online discussions as the lecturer will use those criteria when your work is assessed.
Programme learning goals 1. Be self-aware critically reflective and ethical management professionals
2. Be effective thinkers and problem solvers
3. Be effective communicators
4. Be able to demonstrate advanced knowledge of business management professional practices.
Paper learning outcomes This assessment measures paper learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 & 4 as listed earlier in the study guide.

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