Recent Question/Assignment

The Gardner case is enclosed
1. You have to assume that the said partners are living in Karachi instead of Lahore.
2. The same Business segments exist in Karachi. You are required to define/write them yourself.
3. The partner intentions remain the same. You may write to change their profile to your needs
4. With a reasonable amount of Capital Employed the business gets a good start and makes inroads in various market segments
a. Prepare an organization chart with distribution of duties
b. Prepare an organization structure to manage various Business segments and a chart
i. For flow of information
ii. For performance management/ Control
c. Define pricing policy for each segment and your approach to meet competition, Define competition.
d. After 18 months of business prepare Company Income Statement and Balance Sheet
e. Give various ratios to show its
i. Profitability Margins
ii. Leverage ratio
iii. Suppliers Acceptability
iv. Segment wise Performance Analysis