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Assessment Task 3: Reflective Journal
This is a Personal Reflective Evaluation, describing your own leading and managing capabilities with a resulting personal development plan. This should be concise. Use the appendices for supporting information.
Value: 40%
Format: 2000 words (+/- 10%)
Due date & time: Week 13- Sunday, 4June, 11:59pm
How to submit: Electronically, via Blackboard Assessment folder Turnitin link
Unit learning outcomes: Critique leadership styles in relation to change implementation making links to personal capabilities and development needs within an organisational environment.
Demonstrate written and oral communication when communicating change management knowledge with sensitivity and clarity to specialist and non-specialist organisational audiences.
Reflect on individual contribution, group performance, and cultural relationships as a member of an effective team exploring managing change.
Course learning outcomes Demonstrate effective communication and teamwork skills appropriate to cultural contexts
Justify decisions and judgements that address a complex business issue considering the ethical and social consequences
Your journal should discuss the following sections:
1. What have you learned about the capabilities of change agents?
2. What have you learned about the individual contribution to the teamwork as a team member?
3. What have you learned about the ethical impacts of change on stakeholders?
4. What have you learned about working with someone from a different cultural background?
5. What plan do you have for your personal development?

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2016 words

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