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Individual Presentation
Your task in this assessment item is to deliver an engaging presentation that explores your chosen brand.
You may choose any brand. Once you have chosen a brand, please inform Dr Leanne White. Communicating by email is best. All presenters will be analysing different brands and there may be up to five short presentations per seminar.
Your presentation should aim to inform us about your brand. You should include some discussion about one theory, model or concept from the textbook. Examples of what I am talking about include concepts such as: Brand Elements; Brand Equity; Brand Mantras; Points-of-Parity and Points-ofDifference; Brand Resonance; Brand Value Chain; Brand Amplifiers; Brand Engagement; Influencer Marketing; Co-Branding... the list continues. If you are not sure, feel free to check with Leanne.
Your presentation may (for example) explore some the following issues.
• Examine your brand’s key ‘brand elements’ (name, logo, symbol, packaging etc.)
• What meanings are attached to your chosen brand?
• What are the main strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the brand?
• How has your brand changed over time and how do you see your brand continuing to evolve over the coming years?
You should include some relevant material from the textbook. However, you should also incorporate many other sources and use examples to illustrate the points you wish to make. As a guide, you should use at least eight credible references (please list all of these in your final PowerPoint slide/s). Of the references, please include at least two from refereed (peer reviewed) journal articles.
You will be assessed on: the quality and style of the presentation; your ability to structure an argument; evidence of further research; and the ability to make the presentation interesting and engage your audience. Please ensure you do not READ the presentation!
An important aspect of this activity is: working within the strict time limit and engaging your audience with some discussion. The time allowed is 12 minutes (maximum) for the presentation, including some active engagement/discussion with the class. Tip: Simply asking ‘any questions’ at the end of your presentation does not constitute active engagement.
Please rehearse your presentation to ensure you do not go over time! Please upload your
PowerPoint presentation in the relevant Dropbox on this Collaborate site by your assigned due date. Leanne will then be able to share your presentation with others for the seminar.
This assessment accounts for the following proportion of marks for this unit
1, 2 and 5 (please refer to the BHO5504 Unit Guide, pages 4 and 5).
Please upload your presentation to the Dropbox by your due date.
Dr Leanne White
BHO5504 - Marking Criteria for Individual Presentation (15%)
Brand: Date:
Evaluation Criteria
Overall presentation (visual appeal of slides and timing) 5
Theory and concept understanding 5
Overall communication skills, class discussion/engagement 5
TOTAL (15)
Further comments:
Dr Leanne White
Mark: / 15
Marking Grades Grade Range Marking Grades Grade Range
Excellent 80 – 100% (HD) Passing 50 – 59% (P)
Good standard 70 – 79% (D) Substantial work required 0 – 49% (N)
Satisfactory 60 – 69% (C)

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