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Assignment 1 – Technology Awareness.
In this assignment, you will write a 2,500-word report demonstrating your level of awareness on the issues involving technologies used in developing nations when it comes to conducting business internationally.
‘International business’ by definition relates to any commercial activities across borders which encompasses a wide range of activities i.e. marketing, sales, human resource and promotions. It is important for businesses in developing nations to embrace technology in order to expand and grow.
For the purposes of this assignment, you will choose any type of business engaging in any commerce activity regardless of technology. You will write a report investigating how your chosen business uses technology to conduct business internationally. Your report should include:
background of the business or industry, including the country (or region)
current business and technology landscape
issues with regards to conducting business internationally involving the chosen business (and
brief description and capability of your chosen technology
what impact will your technology bring to the business
strategy moving forward, and conclusion.
To allow more depth in your discussions, you need to focus on an area of industry, technology or region supported by relevant case studies, rather than cover a broad range of issues. Also, there needs to be good literature to support your research. Remember that your eLA is looking for an analytical discussion to be marked at a post graduate level.
You must use the Swinburne Harvard Referencing (Links to an external site.) style throughout your assignment and include an accurate reference list at the end of the assignment.
Understanding of SME business issues.
Understanding of technology and its impact on business.
Future strategy and conclusion.
Presentation and structure.
Your work will be assessed using the following marking guide:
Assignment 1 marking guide
Criteria No Pass Pass
50–59% Credit
60–69% Distinction
70–79% High Distinction
Understanding of SME business issues
Limited/poor understanding of key concepts with regards to SME business issues. Average display of key concepts understood with poor case studies. Some evidence of elementary analysis of the issues and evaluation of SME business issues with one or two case studies. Evidence of analysis, evaluation and interpretation of SME business issues with some relevant case studies. Great depth of analysis on the issues, evaluation and interpretation of SME business issues supported by relevant case studies.
Understanding of technology and its impact on business
Superficial and/or inadequate addressing of technology/impact and poor research. Basic components of the technology/impact were addressed with average research. Most of the tech/impact were addressed and researched appropriately. Most of the technology and its impact were discussed and appropriately researched in-depth. Technology is described well and so is its impact to the business. There is in-depth research and justification to support the discussion.
Future strategy and conclusion
The report has addressed the questions provided
Poor strategy and a weak conclusion was made. Basic strategy and conclusion was mentioned in the report. Acceptable strategy for future was mentioned without much detail with a conclusion. Strategy the SME should take in future has been mentioned and appropriate conclusion was provided. Strategy the SME should take in future has been clearly addressed and appropriate conclusion was provided.
Presentation and structure
Poor structure and/or lack of clarity and/or traces of plagiarism. Basic structure and expressed in own words. Most components conform to acceptable academic/professional standards. Most components conform to high academic/professional standards. No traces of plagiarism. All components conform to high academic/professional standards including proper in-text citations, abstract, table of contents, illustrations and references. No traces of plagiarism.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2926 words including References

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