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Interview Assignment: Due February 24
For this assignment you will conduct a casual interview with a woman in your life who is of a different
generation than you, and then type a summary of your findings that is at a minimum two pages double
Please make certain you are clear with the interviewee that you will be typing her and
submitting them to class. No one else but Dr. MC will be reading your paper, but you want to make
certain your participant knows her responses are not confidential.
Have a list of questions prepared and share them with your interviewee ahead of time if possible. You
can choose other questions if you would like, but a list is included below of sample questions.
The goal of this assignment is to both learn about the experiences of a woman of a different generation,
and as you learn about WST and feminism (and get beyond the stereotypes and myths), to explore the
perspective one person of a different generation.
Sample questions about the interviewees experiences and opinions:
What was life like for you growing up as a girl?
In what ways was your life affected by your gender? (such as rules you had, activities you were
or were not allowed to participate in, expectations put upon you, etc.)
In school when you studied history, how much would you say you studied mens experiences vs.
womens experiences? Can you give examples?
In your life, does your gender play a role in your life now? (paid and unpaid work, family roles
and expectations, activities involved in, etc.)
Are women more -liberated- or -empowered- today than they used to be? If so, how? If not,
why do you think not?
Do you think young girls and boys should be treated and raised the same? Why or why not?
In your life, what have been the biggest challenges you have seen women face? Do women face
any particular problems or challenges that men dont?
Sample questions about views on feminism
What does the word feminist make you think?
Do you think the position and treatment of women in society has improved in your lifetime?
Can you share some examples?
Have you seen movies, read books, or learned factual information about the history of the
womens movement in the US or abroad? Can you give examples?
Is there a need for a womens movement today in your opinion? What work is left to be done
and who needs to do it?
Make certain you take notes throughout the interview. Make certain you write down your responses
immediately after the interview to try to capture as much information as you can. You will then write a
paper that captures the primary themes and content of the interview. You will NOT submit a transcript
of the interview. Instead, you need to create a paper from this interview, summarizing the questions
and responses.