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Activity 5. This activity is part of the final exam. Students are required to submit their written answers for this activity
before the commencement of the final exam via the Turnitin submission link on the course Moodle page.
“Knowing where one belongs can transform an ordinary person – hardworking and competent but otherwise
mediocre – into an outstanding performer.”
Peter Drucker, “Managing Oneself’, HBR, Jan. 2005
Where do you think you belong?
What is critical for you to be an outstanding manager in the multicultural environment?
This task requires you to respond to these two questions. Reflect on your readings, on what you heard and
learnt over the semester, from course materials, class discussions and from your peers. This should be a
personally meaningful statement and action plan for your future career goal (i.e. what skills should you be
working on developing between now and then to ensure you get off on the right foot?)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 871 words including References

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